Clean Fillsite Essa Township Ontario

We are accepting Table 1 fill material at our Essa Township Dump Site.  For more information on our GTA Clean Fill Sites please click here and bookmark the page as it changes often!

We currently have a Clean Fill Dump site located just outside of Essa Township Ontario accepting Table 1 with exceptions.  Electronic tracking is available.  Our Essa Township location accepts clean fill from excavation that is uncontaminated, non water-soluble, non-decomposable inert solid material.  In keeping with the Environmental Protection Act all material being dumped at our Essa Township Fillsite must soil or fill that able to provide a solid foundation for future builds.  If you have a large amount of soil or material to dump please contact us at 905-693-2805.  Our locations throughout the GTA are capable of accepting over 100,000 loads of clean soil, fill or material at any given time.  For more information on what constitutes clean fill please visit our Clean Fill page.

Site Engineering at our Essa Township Location:

The use of engineered fill allows sites that were, in the past, seen as unusable or not economically feasible to be utilized for future development.  Our Essa Township Clean Fill Site is accepting Table 1 w/ Exceptions Salt/EC Application Required. Electronic Tracking Available .  

For more information on the number of loads and the exact type of material accepted for dumping at our Essa Township Location please contact us at 905-693-2805.

Essa Township

Essa Township

Table 1
Open Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

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