Soil Management Automation

Ashgrove Holdings is one of the first in the industry to utilize automated excess soil management using SoilFLO technology

Ashgrove Holdings is utilizing the latest technology in tracking the movement of excess soil via SoilFLO.  SoilFLO is an automated, comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of excess soil movement, disposal, record keeping and compliance.  By utilized SoilFLO we can provide:

  • Real time, cradle-to-grave soil tracking
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Archival storage
  • Digital, Mobile, Cloud based
  • Enhanced opportunity for the beneficial re-use of excess soil

Immediate Cost and Time Savings:

  • Visibility into your excess soils management
  • Increased predictability eliminates all current inefficiencies
  • Delivers a 97% reduction in time spent managing excess soil (more time on the road for drivers)
  • Reduces transaction costs

By utilizing technology to track the movement and disposal of excess soil Ashgrove Holdings is able to provide superior service to our clients.  SoilFLO allows us to access real-time reporting, GPS tracking of the waste source and destination, tracking of the hauler and time travelled and the ELIMINATION of paper tickets. 



Our New AUTOMATED Process

By utilizing SoilFLO technology we are able to drastically reduce time and cost while increasing productivity and adherence to MOE guidelines

New Process