According to the Government of Ontario's Excess Soil Management Policy Framework Clean fill comes from Excess Soil excavated from the extensive land development happening throughout Ontario.  Throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) towns and cities continue to grow with new development and the need for proper excess soil managment is necessary to protect the environment and human health. 

What is Excess Soil?

Basically Excess Soil is soil that is excavated from a construction or development site or project (Source Site) that is not needed after it has been removed.  This Excess Soil must be moved off-site to another location.

Management of Excess Soil

In recent years the proper management of excess soil has become a hot topic and area of concern throughout the GTA and has received a great deal of media attention.  In many cases the illegal dumping of soil has led to fines as the Ministry of Environment (MOE) continues to crack down on commercial fill operations.  New regulations require detailed information about the type of soil excavated from a site, the tracking of the excess soil, the quality of the excess soil and the protection of the environment, water and agriculture. 

Environmental Impact & Greenhouse Gases:  In addition to ensuring that excess soil is managed correctly there are also environmental concerns in relation to Greenhouse Gases.  Each year hundreds of thousands of truck loads of excess soil are moved around the province.  These trucks emit greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and ultimately affect the environment.

Our Clean Fill Sites

Ashgrove Holdings operates many Clean Fill Sites thoughout the GTA allowing for less travel time and impact on the environment via emitted greenhouse gases.  In addition the type of Excess Soil accepted at each site strictly adheres to Ministry of the Environment and Climate Chage (MOECC) and the guide "Management of Excess soil - A guide for Best Management Practices" (BMP).  We pride ourselves on working with the MOE to improve the management of excess soil and ensure that each of our Fill Sites contribute to a safe environment.