What is Engineered Fill?

In the past certain sites may have been considered unusable or not economically feasible.  However sites can now be easily developed by removing any unsuitable soil and then utilizing Engineered Fill to create a stable base for building.  Ground improvement techniques are increasingly used for new projects on sites previously considered as economically unjustifiable or technically not feasible. These sites can now be developed by removing the unsuitable soils and replacing them with engineered fill. The Engineered Fill is furnished and placed to meet the engineer’s requirements for the specific use. This may include requirements for the type of material, gradation, plasticity, permeability, compaction, moisture content, placement methods, QA/QC etc. which are often published on the plans or in the specs.

Ashgrove Holdings provides the following services in relation to Clean Fill Sites:

  • Property Surveys
  • Soil type identification
  • Excavation and Grading
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Site Engineering
  • Fill placement observation
  • Foundation material verification
  • Quality control construction monitoring and testing
  • Instrumentation and settlement monitoring

With a vast customer base and a constant availability of fill, Ashgrove Holdings Inc and Fillsite.ca can provide the fill material, equipment and experienced personnel to complete the upfill process at no cost to the customer. We provide fill material that can meet and exceed the requirements of the site while working hand in hand with the Geotechnical Engineer to ensure proper placement and compaction of the right material to meet the appropriate specifications for the site.

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